iPad lines not like iPhone: What about 4G?

By Peter Chubb - Apr 4, 2010

The Apple iPad tablet device was shipped today for those who had pre-ordered last month, for those who did not pre-order – then they had to stand in line at Apple and Best Buy Stores in America. However, it seems that these lines were nowhere near as long as we have seen with iPhone launches. We now wonder if lines for the iPhone 4G will be longer?

Yahoo News reports that hundreds of people were lined outside Apple’s store on Fifth Avenue, with just a few a few dozen lining up outside other Apple stores across the U.S. Do not think that the Apple iPad is not as popular as the first iPhone, sales suggest the opposite. The reason why lines were shorter was because thousands of people had already pre-ordered their tablet device.

It was estimated that there were 500 to 600 people outside Apple’s Flagship store, which is a pretty healthy number. If Apple were to the launch the rumoured iPhone 4G / HD smartphone with just a minor upgrade – then the lines will be very short. But if Apple were to launch an iPhone that fully supported 4G LTE, then that would be a totally different story.

Did you wait in line today?

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