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HTC Incredible: Verizon Release date coming, where is Nexus One?

We have yet more hints that a release for the HTC Incredible is just around the corner, after the device was spotted in another form of Verizon’s internal systems. Time to get excited we think.

As reported from BGR, the HTC Incredible has showed up in a listing within CelleBrite, which is a tool used by Verizon employees to transfer user info from one handset to another.

More importantly, it means that a release for the device is likely to happen sooner rather than later, which will be great news for those of you hungry for a new handset on Verizon.

Are you waiting for nothing but the Incredible? The handset is looking like it is going to be Verizon’s big seller this year – with no sign of a release for the Nexus One.


  • Hope this phone doesn’t have huge delays at launch


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