Apple iPad’s new fitness calculator and tracker app

By Gary Johnson - Apr 4, 2010

Apps that take advantage of the lovely big touch screen on the new iPad are growing in number on a daily basis. bodyCa1.0 is a health and fitness calculator and tracks data is one of them. Users can track their BMI and BMR rates, and find out what their daily calorie intake should be.

Developed by UK based MMI Software, the app has users entering their height and weight which can be in metric or imperial units. It is not a problem if a user enters their height in imperial and weight in metric, the app can convert and calculate the different units to work out a users BMR and BMI values.

bodycal2 can automatically recalculate user’s rates as they lose weight and get fitter; the app remembers previous data and as new units are entered updates the users BMR and BMI rates, which are displayed on a graph. This is an ideal app for people who are monitoring their weight, and for weight watchers or people training.

Bodycal2 is on the App Store for only $2.99. iPad required. iPhone with OS 3.2 also compatible.

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