UFC Undisputed 2010 vs EA Sports MMA: Which graphics are better?

By Jamie Pert - Apr 3, 2010

Last year when THQ’s UFC Undisputed 2009 video game was launched it was pretty well received, therefore it is unsurprising to hear that EA Sports have jumped on the bandwagon and are launching their own MMA game this year.

There are two mixed martial arts games scheduled for release this year, these are UFC Undisputed 2010 and EA Sports MMA, the main success of bothgames depends heavily on gameplay, however I recently stumbled upon some screens from both games which made me wonder which game’s graphics will be superior.

You can see all of the screens by checking out this link, also I have embedded two at the end of this post.

On the whole I would say that the screens show that both games visuals are pretty impressive, however I feel that the Undisputed 2010’s look more realistic and have a glossier look, what do you think?

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  • alan

    i think ufc is better the career mode has been improved so i think it is more enjoyable

    • J.F.K

      I don't think but i know ur opinion is wrong. I am a huge fan of the ufc and i played both games numerous time, in comparison the UFC game is so stiff, the players movement is very annoying especially the fact that it zooms in when u come close making u vulnerable to strikes. Whereas Ea mma has great gameplay with much more improved styles, where body punches can actually land as opposed to UFC 2010. Career was repitive and boring in both games, i'd prefer a story like the new fight night champion .

  • the ufc game has a good roster but ea have alot of experience with these kid of games with fight night being the best boxing game out but if fedor decides to sighn with ufc doubt it but if he does ea have not got a pot 2 piss in the roster wold not be strong enough althhough the game play in brilliant compared 2 ufc online is better every thing is better but if ea got the right 2 ufc first the game would be brilliant thq are amatures at this stuff the wwe series has been boreing and arcade style of game ea mma rules

  • fddddddddddd

    ufc is far better more realistic and enjoyable

  • MMA alltheway

    ufc game does look like a cartoon compared to ea mma. also the striking in ea mma has much more flow to it….in other words…more realistic and i think thats what everyone wants in games…virtual reality

  • smoke

    No way will they combine rosters. No way would Dana White allow that. It's a nice dream and I wish. But only if UFC buys out Strikeforce and Dream, like they pretty much did after Pride went bankrupt, then we could see all these guys. I want to see the lighter weight classes and the fighters from WEC in a UFC game.


    i just think that for the sake of the sport. we will see a combination of rosters later on in the future. but as we stand i love the fact that we get to see not only one promotion but many. like Dream and Strike Force as well. Im a huge UFC fan but Im a greater fan of the sport so I hope in the future we can see a unity in the MMA sport.

  • Mayhem

    When you look at those 2 pics side by side, you could mistake Monson/Rogers as a realife, you can tell right off the bat that the other pic is a game or cartoon

  • Mayhem

    When you look at those 2 pics side by side, you could mistake Monson/Rogers as a realife, you can tell right off the bat that the other pic is a game or cartoon

  • Mayhem

    EA MMA has got a very good roster with top fighters from all over the world to make a global roster . EA MMA has the better more realistic graphics also.

  • B-Diggs

    mma dont have the roster like ufc

  • ryan

    UFC 2010 dosent look like it has a more arcade style to it 09 did im more for UFC because it has more of a epic look to it because its UFC baby

  • max

    i think ufc is better u cnt compare even if you go to gameplay.

  • zach

    i think the graphics and simulation will be better on ea sports. Thq has more of an arcade style to it. So as far as gameplay, the ufc game may be a bit funner. I just think that the ea game will be much more realistic. I'll be buying both.

  • manonahigh

    i dont know which is better but i know which one I like to look at more its Undisputed 2010