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iPad Apps: Plenty of enticing freebies

The Apple iPad is launching in just a few hours, and buyers have one thing on their mind, iPad Apps. Everyone will have their favorite type of applications they like to use, and it’s no different for the iPad.

When Steve Jobs announced the iPad he did say that the current iPhone apps would work with the device, but since then we have seen a major push for iPad-designed apps. On release of the iPad, you can expect a wide range of apps designed just for the iPad.

Over on Yahoo! News, Ben Patterson has posted an article that looks at apps that he cannot wait to try out. He points out that the iPad apps seem to be a lot more expensive than those on the iPhone, but also lists 10 iPad apps that are free to download.

The list of his favorites includes a Netflix app that enables free movie and TV show streaming, Tweetdeck for iPad, Tap Tap Radiation, Dragon Dictation, The Weather Channel Max, and ABC player for catching up this “Lost”.

What iPad apps are you dying to try, and will you be buying the iPad this month?



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