Easter Bunny Tracker: 2010 still lacking a good service

Kids love tracking Santa at Christmas time, but when Easter comes round NORAD does not offer the chance to track the Easter Bunny. It might be that the Easter Bunny has to hop around delivering eggs instead of flying around in a snazzy sleigh.

There are some ways of tracking him using different technology to find out how much longer it will be before he arrives at your door. One website may start to track the Easter Bunny, but is is currently in development and it is not able to start tracking yet. There is also the option of emailing the Easter Bunny and asking when your Easter eggs will arrive, or you can always send him an online letter.

For iPhone owners there is the Easter Bunny Tracker App, which updates users with the whereabouts of the Easter Bunny via a radar map. This can be found on the App Store for $1.99.

The Talking Easter Bunny Tracker iPhone app for children allows for the Bunny to say short sentences straight from the device. There is another app Boing Bunny Boing that has users helping the Bunny deliver all those lovely eggs. I know some children would like to know when their eggs will be delivered this Easter, but there is still no decent Easter Bunny Trackers in 2010. Do you know a good Easter Bunny Tracker?”



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