Apple iPad: UPS Saturday delivery updates via Twitter

By Alan Ng - Apr 3, 2010

For those of you who have the Apple iPad pre-ordered, but live in a slightly remote area, the chances that you’ll receive your iPad tomorrow are very slim – according to fresh reports.

As stated over at Apple insider, Apple has paid courier UPS for one-off Saturday deliveries of the device, but not everyone will receive tomorrow says UPS.

For those of you who are unlucky not to receive tomorrow, then you’ll definitely get your iPad delivered on Monday.

UPS employees have been keeping eager customers updated using Twitter, on whether or not they would qualify for Saturday delivery for the iPad – you can see one profile here.

Have you had any notification on whether you’ll receive your iPad tomorrow or not? Let us know.

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  • Lou

    UPS sucks, I live in North Dallas and they attempted delivery to my house, and although I was home and in the back of the house I will assume for the moment that the UPS driver ran to the front of the house hit the doorbell took 18 seconds to fill out a -uck you form and then ran away. I was literally hitting the refresh button when the notice appeared on the UPS website that an attempted delivery was made and after numerous calls to UPS I learned that the driver had already returned to the hub because they stop working at 2 PM on Saturdays.

    message for UPS — for the next couple years whenever I buy anything that requires delivery if the seller does not offer me an alternative to UPS I'll buy it from someone else!

    • Lou,
      We were actually making second attempts at all addresses that had a first failed attempt on Saturday. Were you around later in the day? If not then, I assume you got your iPad on Monday? I hope all's well.


    • USC34

      Lou UPS is the number 1 shipper in the World..get a life you think they care if you dont ship with them…PS only steers and queers life in Texas..and your no steer brutha!..suck on dezzz nuuttsss!

  • Earle

    Apple told me on the first no Saturday delivery and it was updated on the tracking as such. But now I find the neighbor signed and has my package (not home now, either), as I didn’t anticipate waiting for UPS today. Mixed feelings until it’s in my hands. In Idaho, pop. 45k, 200mi north Salt Lake. no complaints, just startled 🙂

  • pm

    I showed that my Ipad was at the UPS hub this morning at around 730am but hadn’t seen an update on the tracker. I happening to be sending something out at the local UPS store earlier and they looked up my tracker and said based on it not saying it was being delivered yet he doubted I would get this TODAY which I debated with him as that was the whold point- anyway I probably shouldn’t have asked him because my Ipad just came to my house while I was on hold with UPS… So,maybe if you haven’t been told its delayed you’ll still get it today.

  • anony

    Queen Creek AZ and I received an email from apple that UPS will not be delivering my iPad today. UPS you now have a lifelong enemy!

  • I'm in a Saturday delivery area but Apple neglected to include special instructions for Saturday delivery on any of their packages. Oops. Someone from Apple had to call UPS corporate yesterday and beg for deliveries. What a screw up. I'm not hopeful that UPS will be able to call in the drivers they need at the last minute now for my delivery.

    • Hi, Paul.
      That wasn't the case. We were well aware of the need for extra help over the weekend to get all those iPads to our/Apple's customers, and we knew the majority of the iPads were Saturday deliveries all along. The plan went quite smoothly, actually.

      I hope you got your iPad on time, and are enjoying it by now.


  • Jonathan Baird

    No Saturday delivery for me ): Magnolia, AR 71753.

  • Mark

    I encourage everyone that does not receive their iPad today to help cause a PR nightmare for UPS! Call your local TV newsrooms, your local news radio, and your local newspaper. There is no excuse for this as UPS knew we would not getting Saturday delivery when they took the order!

    If I had known I would have reserved an iPad at the local Apple Store. To live in the suburbs of a city as large as Philadelphia and not get delivery is unacceptable.

    Plus, my iPad has been (and still is) sitting in Louisville for 3 days. If it were at the local UPS hub 15 miles away I could have driven their and picked it up (and saved UPS some money).

    I have ordered many Apple launch event items and never had this problem with FedEX.

    Time for UPS to go back to their "Whiteboard" and draw up how to entertain my friends at our iPad party tonight!

    PS – Keep an eye on HARO for reporters looking for stories on this topic and then reply.