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Apple iPad and iPhone 4G Game Controls: DS / PSP Killer

Apple has its eyes on Nintendo and Sony judging by one of its patents that they filed back in September. It looks as though the iPad and the new iPhone 4G could come with a set of gaming controls, which is a device that comes with classic D-pad controls.

How cool would it be to finally have an Apple touchscreen device that could become the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP killer, well that is what PC world thinks. If Apple were to fully embrace the gaming side of things, then I think that they have a chance in taking that fight to the two game console giants.

The iPhone and iPad has superb graphics, but is let down with the touchscreen – making it hard to control certain games. If you could get a D-pad controller that will allow an iPad or iPhone to slip into, then Apple will have a winning combination.

That’s not all, the accessory is rumored to come with a camera and lenses, speakers, microphone, motion detection and rumble feedback. That is not the best part, there will also be a second screen, much like the new Nintendo DS has. More details on this can be found at PC World.

Would you swap your DS or PSP for an iPad or iPhone?


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