Apple iPad 3G Internal photos ahead of delivery

By Peter Chubb - Apr 3, 2010

Today is the day that we either take delivery of our Apple iPad or we head over to an Apple or Best Buy Store to collect our tablet device. We mentioned in a recent post about opening times of these stores, but how would you like to see some internal photos of the upcoming iPad 3G?

Thanks to the FCC, they have now made available some internal photos of the 3G version, which will not start shipping for at least a month. The iPad that launches today is just the Wi-Fi version. As you would imagine, the FCC took it upon themselves to cover over those all-important chips.

Apple did not want any photos of these to be published until August 17, but it looks as though they just ignored them. iFixit were unable to perform a perfect analysis, as the photos were not up to their standers. Visit their website where you can read and view a 14-step teardown guide of the internals of the iPad 3G.

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