Yellow Pages app for Apple’s new iPad mobile computer

By Gary Johnson - Apr 3, 2010

It has just been announced that a new version of the Yellow Pages app has been developed to be released in time for the launch of Apple’s new tablet computer the iPad. Yellow Pages 2.3, follows the huge success of the app on the Android and iPhone devices.

Developed by Avantar – a sister company to Yellow Pages Directories – the iPad version is currently being reviewed by Apple for approval, but is expected to be ready in time for the iPad’s launch date, or just after. The developers have promised the app will be visually attractive and easy to use.

As the developer has now got the app on a lot of the most of the popular devices, they want to bring these all together through social networking sites. Yellow Pages 2.3 is a free application available on the App Store. Available for the iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch. As the app only works with WIFI, iPod Touch users will need to set their location manually. Android users can download Yellow Pages here.

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