Verizon Nexus One: Release date delayed due to Apple HTC lawsuit?

By Alan Ng - Apr 2, 2010

We have some disappointing news to give all those of you patiently waiting for any news regarding the Nexus One release on Verizon, as it has been reported that the release is being held up as a result of the ongoing patent dispute involving Apple and HTC.

As reported from OZCarNews, Apple is thought to be seeking an injunction to ban any HTC ‘further’ imports of HTC handsets into the US.

The source also reveals that Nexus One units units left Taiwan a few weeks ago heading to the U.S -although we have not heard anything regarding the units this week.

Could there be some truth to it, in that the ongoing saga between HTC and Apple is having a direct impact on the Nexus One retail release?

We’ll let you know if we hear anymore details regarding this, give us your thoughts.

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  • I am not buying this.. The HTC Evo and the HTC Incredible are both coming..
    BTW.. Eff Apple

  • Tammy

    I don't know the entire story behind HTC and Apple; but I do know that HTC gives Apple a run for their money and in my opinion anyone running a business hates competition. But if they claim to have the better everything "as always" then why should competition worry them (Such babies) …. I've had HTC phones for years now and I've had Apple and I have to admit I prefer HTC phones hands down.

  • hayden

    fuck off mac faggot

  • Erik

    it's doubtful that the lawsuit is holding up the shipping. According to the rules of Courts that deal in this sort of thing, they can only get injunctive relief as an emergency, which will likely not be granted as this is commercially related. The best Apple could do is file a suit to scare people, hope they back down/not buy, and keep litigating it forever to keep up the scare. Meanwhile HTC keep sending units to the US which people will either buy/not buy depending on if they believe apple is going to win. In addition to that, Apple's suit seems to be pretty misguided. The multi-touch patent involves software, not hardware, so their suit should be towards google. It's a scare tactic to the consumer base. Apple just went after the phone because that's what holds it. Note they didn't file a suit against RIM for the multi-touch capability of the Storm 2. They're trying to create smoke regarding the google phone by sowing doubt among consumers. I wouldn't be surprised if HTC alleges malicious interference with business…

  • RedWhiteAndBlue

    I find it sad that Apple has found a way to continue importing their products from Communist China (where they make iPhones) while blocking imports from Democratic Taiwan (where HTC phones are made).

  • Dave

    Isn't it obvious that the whole point of the patent problem isn't to stop HTC. It's to stop Google.

    Apple hates Google now because they "stepped on their toes" by releasing a phone.

    • Dan

      It's exactly that, but Apple are too scared to take on Google. Apple is acting like a playground bully – only picking on companies it thinks it can beat.

  • Eric

    Apple has a right to exercise its duty to protect its proprietary technology. I am willing to bet the delay is caused from Google trying to fix minor things on the phone before unleashing it to Verizon where they will significantly increase their consumer base unless the phone is having some of the reported issues. Just hope this Apple nonsense isn't as prolific as its being made to be…

  • 3l173 $3AN
  • Joe Hanson

    But the Nexus One for T-Mobile and AT&T is still being sold?

    What a ridiculous "news report."

    • dave

      That is because the Nexus 1 sold on those networks is not threatening apple…BUT if you put a superior phone on the superior (verizon) network then apple has things to worry about.

      There is a Taiwan manufacture that hold the patent on the multi touch aspect of touch screens. Apple DID not invent the idea and apple is being sued as we speak. This company is also seeking an injunction to get the any apple product using touch screen to be kept from being sent to the US.

      I agree with greg, and I hope apples products are kept from being sold in America

  • It all seems sketchy to me when you have blogs quoting blogs for news. I'm looking for information as badly as the next guy but c'mon. On topic though, I agree it would be a poor move for Apple to pull this type of stunt.

  • Paul

    Greg, Puh-lease. The idea that they can trademark something so nebulous as a touch screen is completely ridiculous, considering they didn't even come up with the idea in the first place! What's next, will Apple seek a patent for buttons?

    I applaud innovation, but come on. This is over the top paranoia on Apple's part

    • Greg

      I give you that Paul, but perhaps there is more going on than just the touch screen business. Who knows what the real story is? But, if Apple was given a patent for something specific, and it can be proven that someone infringed upon it, then you have to give them that. I hope that you are right…that Apple's just being over the top. But, unfortunately while we all wait for our Verizon Nexus Ones, a dark and deadly war rages between good and evil, behind the scenes. I suppose we shall see…. In the meantime, I need a drink.

    • Brian

      Paul, it's quite conceivable that touch screen technology can be patented, especially if you get specific about the functionality (e.g. pinch to zoom). Greg is right, companies are entitled to protect their investments. Having gone through the process of submitting a patent, I learned that it's serious business, just ask R.I.M. If Apple wanted to be cynical about it, they should lurk and let the sales build and then whack them with a Patent Suit.

  • RottenCore

    Stopping the importation based on a patent claim is measured in months, possibly weeks, NOT days. It is far more complex than calling up a federal judge or agency and asking pretty please.

  • Brandon

    I hate apple i will never by anything apple again. They only sign with a carrier that has no coverage at my house and they don't sell there product to anyone else and when competitive products come out they sue how many years does apple think they should have the only touch screen on one carrier.

  • free1313

    This is a little too ridiculous. The ITC has not reviewed Apple’s claims yet, and will not ban the importation until after they render a decision
    That decision is still a long way off, and will probably not result in a ban anyway. If there is any real speculation regarding the Nexus One being delayed for Verizon, it would involve Google offering a surprise for VZ customers. Maybe it will be sold in store!

  • Corey

    Screw apple. I will never buy from them cause they do shit like this

  • Corey

    Screw apple for this!!!

  • dreamworm

    Apple is rotten… is it that they are afraid of Android the better OS?