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Verizon iPhone: Could AT&T customers really benefit?

We learned from WSJ that all the rumors of a Verizon iPhone were true, stating that Apple was working on a CDMA version of the best selling smartphone. Once this happens the exclusivity deal that AT&T enjoys will be no more. The deal looks set to be a huge benefit for Verizon Wireless customers, but will AT&T customers see an advantage?

PC World states the obvious when they say that sales will increase, they do explain that having the largest wireless provider offer the best selling smartphone to its users will help as AT&T has already saturated the market.

Verizon Wireless customers have been waiting three years to get the iPhone, and looks like they only have months left to wait. The carrier has been involved in a campaign to slam network coverage of AT&T on a number of occasions – we wonder if that will still continue?

I believe that AT&T customers will benefit from the news that the iPhone is going to Verizon, as they will have to up their game in fighting its rival network. AT&T has already started doing this by upgrading its 3G network, this is just the start. Expect both Verizon and AT&T to work hard on giving customers the best service over the next few months.

However, Verizon could have the jump when the iPhone 5G is released, this is rumored to be the full 4G version and Verizon has already been working on its LTE network – AT&T choosing to make its 3G service better first.

Could AT&T customers really benefit from a Verizon iPhone?


  • Verizon will win in the short and long term. ATT sucks! It's cell service is too unreliable

  • lee

    Verizon will win in the short term because AT%T customers not locked in a contract may
    jump ship.If too many join Verizon it could give them the same image problem AT%T has.


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