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Verizon BlackBerry Bold: Release date is May?

We have some particularly interesting news for Verizon customers now, as recent rumors have suggested that a BlackBerry Bold may be dropping on the network sometime soon.

If you head over to BGR, you will be able to see an image which reveals that the BlackBerry Bold, meant to be the successor to the Tour 9630, will be landing on Verizon sometime in May.

BGR states that it is unknown whether the device will carry the 9650 tag along with it, but you can bet that we’ll find out more about the Verizon Bold soon.

With all the recent news regarding the iPhone, Nexus One and Incredible on Verizon, this one seems to have slipped under the radar.

Let us know your thoughts on this – Are you a fan of the BlackBerry Bold family?


  • Clem


    I woul dnot trust an internal website to BofA. This has been going around for a while. No one really knows except for the Evil Empire (VZW) and RIM>


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