Stephen Colbert’s iPad Slices Vegetables: Voids Warranty

By Peter Chubb - Apr 2, 2010

With just one day to go media attention of the Apple iPad has now moved up a gear, this was evident with David Letterman’s show last night. Now another chat show host, Stephen Colbert has been given the tablet some free advertisement – well if him showing us how he slices vegetables with the tablet a good way to promote the device?

There are a number of tech fans out there that will be seething at how the iPad was treated, as most of them will not be able to get their hands on one until the next batch hits stores at the end of this month. We wonder if Colbert has voided his warranty?

Stephen Colbert started praising the iPad by making fun out of the Kindle and how it shows white and grey – but he then makes fun of another Apple device. The chat show host said that it is has the same touch screen technology as the iPhone and cannot make phone calls like the iPhone as well.

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