JooJoo Hands-on ahead of Apple iPad Tablet Release

By Peter Chubb - Apr 2, 2010

We were all taken in when Engadget reported that the JooJoo tablet had arrived yesterday – we can tell you that it was no April Fool, this is backed up by a hands-on video below. The biggest news though is that it arrived just two days before the Apple iPad is released in stores.

Engadget has a full week with the JooJoo (formally the CrunchPad) to get a feel for the tablet. One thing is certain, it will have tough competition with the iPad – yes it does offer Flash Player support unlike the iPad, but the touchscreen is no where near as good.

The video bellow takes a closer look at the UI, with Joshua Topolsky noting that it feels like an overgrown webOS. So many questions are being asked right now, but it seems that Engadget will wait until the hype of the iPad has died a little.

Once we know more about the JooJoo we will update you, for now watch the video below.

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