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JooJoo Hands-on ahead of Apple iPad Tablet Release

We were all taken in when Engadget reported that the JooJoo tablet had arrived yesterday – we can tell you that it was no April Fool, this is backed up by a hands-on video below. The biggest news though is that it arrived just two days before the Apple iPad is released in stores.

Engadget has a full week with the JooJoo (formally the CrunchPad) to get a feel for the tablet. One thing is certain, it will have tough competition with the iPad – yes it does offer Flash Player support unlike the iPad, but the touchscreen is no where near as good.

The video bellow takes a closer look at the UI, with Joshua Topolsky noting that it feels like an overgrown webOS. So many questions are being asked right now, but it seems that Engadget will wait until the hype of the iPad has died a little.

Once we know more about the JooJoo we will update you, for now watch the video below.


  • James Katt

    QUOTE ENGADGET: But what about Flash? This is supposed to be the big differentiator, right? The iPad killer! In an interesting move, Fusion Garage coupled the Atom processor with NVIDIA's Ion graphics to aid in playing full screen Flash video (or for doing… something). Unfortunately, the software just isn't there yet. Currently the device is running Flash 10.1 beta 1, and won't have hardware-accelerated Flash video for a good while now (the timing is partly reliant on Adobe support, and is labelled as a "work in progress" by JooJoo). That means some regular-sized YouTube and Hulu works, as decoded by the CPU, but full screen Hulu is jittery, and a 720p YouTube clip is like watching a slideshow. In one of the biggest moves of irony, JooJoo has actually implemented a hack for YouTube where you can view a video in Flash or in "JooJoo" mode which is a straight playback of the MPEG video file every YouTube video harbors. What does this remind us of? HTML 5, albeit with a less elegant implementation. This of course only works on YouTube right now, though JooJoo says it plans on supporting other sites in the future. Watch the video below for yourselves to see all this Flash tragedy play out.

    Additionally, the JooJoo gets HOT when playing Flash.

    How ironic.

    The JooJoo is roadkill to the iPad.


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