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Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, Xbox 360): Should it be re-reviewed?

We have an interesting article to show you now, in which an debate has started on whether the recently released Final Fantasy XIII game should be re-reviewed or not.

As most of you will be aware, reviews for the game were fairly good, although there were some exceptions – notably EDGE’s 5/10. The game is a 60 hour+ affair, with the general consensus being that most critics completed their reviews without actually finishing the game.

Over at PSXExtreme, they make the claim that the game changes significantly for the better, past the 20-25 hour mark, when the game reaches the ‘Gran Pulse’ stage.

Have you reached this stage in the game yet? If so, did your overall impressions of the game change after reaching this stage?

This is quite interesting – we’d love to hear your response on this. Should the game be re-reviewed after actually completing the game?


  • Kanav15

    I say this game gets an 8.5 for an slow start to the game bcuz it’s just untill chapter 11 the game gets more fun but just like kingdom hearts this is one of the best RPG’s out there

  • csk8tr

    I'm just starting on Chapter 10 and so far I agree with Shadow and Mark. The graphics and cutscenes are awesome. The "reads like a movie" concept I like. People have said that the game is too linear and while I find that to be true, I kind of like it. It takes confusion out of the equation as far as what to do, especially for those new to the FF series.

    Things I don't care for:

    I don't care much for the characters and I do agree that Vanille is annoying. I wish I could control what other members of my party do, since I would prefer my saboteurs cast slow and deprotect before casting poison.

    Weapon Upgrade System
    Biggest shortcoming of the game for me. I have yet to figure out how it works. It's INCREDIBLY confusion. I wish they had it where you just equip more powerful weapons and leave it at that.

    All the above aside, I really like the game so far. There are save points about every 10 minutes, so if I want to play for 30 minutes, it's not a problem. Really looking forward to the Gran Pulse chapter so I can see what everyone else is talking about.

  • WyseOwl

    I'm loving FFXIII so far but that's probably because FF can do no wrong for me. However the entire series is so becoming a triumph of style over substance.

    Games developers/authors need telling: "If you want to make films, go make films. If you want to make games, give us good characters, a good plot but most important of all, gameplay!"

  • Maxster

    I'm still on Chapter 11. I would say I wasn't really disappointed with the linearity because most latter Final Fantasies have been linear anyway. I guess for a veteran fan like me, there were portions where I would get tired playing it. I quit at Chapter 10. Then played God of War 3 first to break the frustration. Then lo and behold, the moment you reach Gran Pulse stage, the game really opens up and becomes a very satisfying experiencing. I had almost lost faith in the beginning of the game but my hope has been renewed and now I can't wait to finish it.

  • Che

    I grew up on the original Final Fantasy on the nintendo where you could choose your characters and go wherever you like. FF13 is a far cry from that. It reminds me of the games where you press left or right to direct the cartoon movie. Dragon Age, Oblivion – these are where RPGs should be headed. Not in the direction of a CGI movie where you press x a few times in between each scene.

  • youngthanos

    I'm about 8hrs in and for the most all I can say is that I don't like the characters to much. In fact that little redhead is down right sickening. She like Yuffie on speed and extasy! Lightning is kind of a b*&*% to and if Snow let's her punch him in the face one more time….. Lastly the main reason I love FF7,8 and 10 so much is because the had good villians so far this faceless enaemy their facing is what turned me off with pt12. Hopely this will change, there are too many other gamse out to wasting 60 plus hrs annoys characters with even more annoying dialog….

  • Mark

    Plot: 10/10
    Graphics: 9.5/10
    Characters: 6.5/10
    Battle System: 8.5/10
    Overall: 9.0/10

    It has an amazing plot. There’s no denying that. And apart from auto-attacking, the battle system isn’t all that bad either. The use of paradigms in this game was very good, and gave some dynamics to the battle in place of the loss of the control of all your characters. Still, being in control of one player versus the whole party isn’t as good, as one can find themselves auto-attacking using the same attack or skill over and over again. Furthermore, the auto-attack can get annoying sometimes for certain strong physical attacking characters who like to use weak skills. I was originally going to give the battle system a 7/10, but the final boss was well worth the wait. They did a great job in making a challenging final boss, and, personally, I am not disappointed in it.

  • Ff fan

    I'm only at the 15th hour and way before reaching gran pulse but I love the game and is by far one of the best RPGs.

  • Terry

    i think this game is terrible. rubbish story and characters. really linear(although most ff's are linear, but i think because of recent western rpgs mass effect, fallout 3, oblivion, to mention some are not linear its more noticeable). battle system looks good, but only controlling 1 character in an atb system is boring, and all you have to do after scanning the enemy is auto-whatever. really poor game. tales of vesperia and lost odyssey are my fav jrpgs on 360 so far, cant say for ps3 as i dont have one.

  • dave


    I couldn't agree with you more. stripping those graphics away might change a bunch of minds!

  • Here is what I am finding after reading reviews in comments.

    The people who this is their first Final Fantasy playing, the game is awesome.

    The people who liked FFX, the game is again awesome.

    Those who have played, FF6-12, the review are mixed and head towards the negative generally.

    Those who have played FF6-12 and have played other RPGs like Breath Of Fire Series, Dragon Quest series and so forth, the game gets negative reviews.

    The last one is where my opinion comes in because I've played down to FF2 to 12 with a bunch of other RPG titles, and this is not an RPG but more similiar to a first person shooter. This Final Fantasy didn't even have the signature ending music that the other ones had(yes I did beat the game). RPGs have certain elements to them mainly the ability to explore and make choices.

    Exploration generally include:
    Towns-None existent in FF13
    Sidequest- Limited in FF13
    Secret Areas-Limited in FF13
    Fun Side Games-None existent in FF13

    You get to know not only the people who you are fighting but the world that those people are from. In FF13 I knew the people I was fighting with but I knew really nothing about Gran Pulse or Cacoon. Also even know there are some side quest when you get to Gran Pulse, all you do is monster fighting followed by more monster fighting. It is more like an open God Of War rather than Final Fantasy.

    Graphic wise, the game was stunning and that is probably its strongest point. Imagine dubbing down the graphics to FF7 graphics, could you honestly still call it a great?

    Overall, this game should not be called a RPG

    • abstract5

      The thing is, they couldn't put towns in BECAUSE the graphics were so stunning. It would simply take far too much time to get the game made. It's one of the main reason's why they're not remaking ff7 for next gen consoles. The games open world an towns would mean they would have to take twice as long making the game as they did making ff13.

  • anatanooreo

    what would people have said if it wasn't final fantasy XIII?

  • sol

    definately the best rpg i have come across, im not at gran pulse yet but the game is an absolute beast its immense storyline is gripping and the gameplay is phenomenal

  • Bob

    It became a painful chore at that point. Needless repetition.

    Hitting bad guys 25000 times is not fun, character start to feel weaker as the game progresses.

  • Lee

    Call me crazy, but I would expect reviewers to complete games before publishing their thoughts! Re-reviewing shouldn't be required, just do it right the first time!

  • dave

    If you want a game reviewed in your favor, you should make it good from hour 1, not 21. It's like being born blind, and gaining sight and winning the lottery at age 30. It's a momentous paradox! It's a circumstance few have ever encountered and cannot relate to. Is this circumstance great? It is stale at first, but then is terrific. You're consumed with decaying hope, and then you are alleviated. The pattern this game takes is a new algorithm of progression. Games have been made to:

    Give hope to the gamer, then supply. Good game!
    Give hope to the gamer, then deny. Bad game.
    Give no hope to the gamer, and deny their needs. Terrible Game.

    Trying my memory, I do not recall a game that has ever given no hope to the gamer and then miraculously suppling.

    It's the odd algorithm out.

    What is it? Is it good? Is it bad? What IS IT!

    Reviews are scattered across the board!! search "ff13" reviews show an even split of 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's.

    It's a first of its kind in this respect; it is revolutionary, and frightening.

    The question is: Should games be made like this? It's like we are tapping into another dimension that exists beyond our understanding. Did FF13 actually touch the asymptote separating a good game and a bad game? I think so.


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