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Chexting: Cell Phone Troubles

Texting is a massive part of our lives these days, with many of us choosing sexting to flirt with someone on our cell phones. However there seems to be a new thing going about called Chexting, which is cheating through texting. This sort of thing has gotten a few celebrities in trouble just recently, such as Tiger Woods and Jesse James.

Chexting has started a debate just recently, asking if chexting meant you were cheating on your partner. According Reuters, experts say that it is – stating that instead of lipstick on your collar, it is like lipstick on your cellular.

Texting has become more popular than ever in recent years, this is thanks to the new style QWERTY keyboard – making if faster than ever to send a text message to someone.

A LA attorney has said that she is seeing more cases where partners are cheating on their spouses through technology, mostly through texting. The reason why people get drawn into chexting is because a chext is always unfinished. Looks like we will be hearing a lot more about this if celebs keep doing what they do.

Have you been chexting lately?



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