Apple iPad: David Letterman launches attack on TV

As the world awaits the official launch of the Apple iPad tomorrow on April 3rd, one comedian in the way of David Letterman has taken a more light-hearted approach to Apple’s new toy.

As reported from Apple Insider, Letterman had one of the early pre-release models on this show and decided to show his audience just what the tablet was capable of.

Judging by the video which you can see below, Letterman had issues getting the touchscreen to work properly, prompting him to bang it on the table, use it as a drinks coaster, ‘lick the screen’ and complain about the amount of radiation it gives off.

While everyone in the audience clearly saw the funny side of it, perhaps Steve Jobs and Apple will not. Check out the video below and let us know what you make of it.


  • matt

    He kept having issues since he had it upside down and was pressing the power button down as he held it on his desk to show it to the camera. He's too stupid to understand how the thing operates and should stick to index cards. I like Dave, but I bet Jobs was thinking this is the last time this dumbass gets a promo product.

  • I came across this article after watching the show (via DVR). Letterman is an admitted techo-dufus. Ever see him try and do his first Tweet? The guy has had everyone always do everything for him, so he's hardly the target market user, and even with that, he seemed to able to accomplish the display and create some interest in the capabilities of the product where it to be in the hands of true techno-capable person. The screen display was obviously very good. His Top-10 was about "10 questions to ask while you wait in line for the iPad". Bottom line, I don't think he bashed it, I think he created an interest in the product to his viewers, who can then judge for themselves.


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