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Apple iPad Apps Price: More Expensive than iPhone

Tomorrow is the launch of the Apple iPad and the App store already has a number of Apps already for tablet device. We are not certain how many applications are available, but we do know that users will not be happy on the price. We need to inform you that they are more expensive than iPhone apps.

The comparison of prices between the two are somewhat shocking, Telegraph Blogs gives us a fine example of this – Field Runners for the iPhone costs just $2.99, the iPad version will cost $7.99. The biggest increase is Flight Control, $0.99 for the iPhone, $4.99 for the iPad an increase of 404 percent.

Do not get us wrong there are still bargains to be had – with many the same price as the iPhone, but we wonder what the price of some of the new apps will be like? The Telegraph has asked a valid question- will iPad App prices slowly come down or will iPhone Apps increase?

One thing is certain; the price you pay for an iPad app could help determine the success of Apple’s tablet



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