Terry Dorsey and $100,000: Hoax and Facebook Feedback

For those of you who were starting to believe the story that Terry Dorsey was to change his name to for just one year, as well as getting a tattoo – then you might want to check out what date it is. The bet was made by Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage – offering him $100,000 to do so. This has generated a lot of attention on Facebook, giving their feedback to the story.

Gossage took to Facebook to explain why he wanted to go ahead with this deal, saying that there were others out there, but this seemed the best – admitting that he did push it a bit too far.

Dorsey said that he was going to accept the offer, but funny how the challenge had to be taken up by April 1. There were a number of people on Facebook that were sucked in by the prank, but most of them knew that it was all part of an April Fools Day joke.

Were you sucked in by this apparent prank or have you done anything like this?

Source – Texas Motor Speedway



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