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PS3 Update v3.21 Released: Will you download?

Whenever you think of a PS3 update, you would imagine that new features would be added – not so with Update v3.21. The reason is because Sony decided to remove third-part OS support, such as Linux. This is becoming a recurring thing now, having features taken away from us.

PlayStation 3 Slim users will not miss the other OS feature, as they never had it in the first place – this has been done for security purposes. So you now have a choice to make – will you download and install the update or leave it as long as you can before being forced to do so?

If you were thinking of not updating, then the upcoming custom firmware release could be an option. George Hotz AKA Geohotz, the person who hacked the Sony PS3 will is looking for a safe way to keep this feature on the console – get more information on this here.

Will you download?



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