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PS3 Update v3.21: Custom Firmware to release this week?

As most of you will know, the update that has just gone live for the PS3 removes the ability to install other operating systems on the PS3 – mainly Linux. Most people are outraged at Sony for this, but the person ‘responsible’ advises all PS3 owners not to update for now.

This is specifically aimed at those who use the ‘install other OS’ option frequently on their PS3 and are interested in retaining this support. GeoHot claims on his blog that he will be looking into a ‘safe way’ of keeping this feature as soon as v.3.21 goes live – that time is now.

Will he really be able to pull it off and create a custom firmware to counter-atack Sony’s update? More importantly, are you prepared to wait for him to come up with something, or do you consider the move too risky?

If you do decide not to update, you will be unable to log into the Playstation Network for the time being. Your move GeoHot.

Let us know what you are going to do.




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