PS3 Update v3.21: Custom Firmware to release this week?

By Alan Ng - Apr 1, 2010

As most of you will know, the update that has just gone live for the PS3 removes the ability to install other operating systems on the PS3 – mainly Linux. Most people are outraged at Sony for this, but the person ‘responsible’ advises all PS3 owners not to update for now.

This is specifically aimed at those who use the ‘install other OS’ option frequently on their PS3 and are interested in retaining this support. GeoHot claims on his blog that he will be looking into a ‘safe way’ of keeping this feature as soon as v.3.21 goes live – that time is now.

Will he really be able to pull it off and create a custom firmware to counter-atack Sony’s update? More importantly, are you prepared to wait for him to come up with something, or do you consider the move too risky?

If you do decide not to update, you will be unable to log into the Playstation Network for the time being. Your move GeoHot.

Let us know what you are going to do.


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  • Sky

    Gaz…I used it..not really anymore but I think about using it…you know…it was a feature of the product I was buying. Who has the right to remove features of a products years after I've purchased it because they think it may run the risk of some piracy in a very small number?

    The numbers of loss don't justify the consequence of the action. If it's such a small number of people who use it for piracy then Sony should accept the loss, and move on and not punish their loyal users like myself. How much is bad press worth? I know of no-one who has illegal PS3 software but I know people, techies like myself, who enjoy the fact they can run Linux on their console which means usually a large TV to display it on! Sony have already moved on by removing from the slim console. At least it wasn't taken away from the consumer. And it's not the £5 dodgy;s that get me…it's the £2.49 costume packs or themes and all the other DLC's that cost more than the game, where games are becoming thin at release, but fork out twice the price over drip fed DLC is the norm…that's scummy!

    I am now very wary of Sony and will be remembering this action in future decisions of purchase

  • Gaz

    I really dont see the problem with removing this, I myself never use it neither do any of the people I know who own a PS3… but I do understand why people are pissed about this. But if it is for secruity then Im all for it, We dont want Bezza down the market selling the latest games for £5, if scumbags want to make money on the side of the Jobseekers it shall not be at the expense of a great console like the PS3.