NY Auto Show 2010: Nissan Juke is no Joke

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 1, 2010

Although it has been seen before at the Geneva Motor Show, the new Nissan Juke still managed to turn heads at this year’s New York Auto Show, and not just because of its unusual front end. According to the press release the Juke takes inspiration from Nissan’s Concept the Qazana, and even if the front is not to your liking there is no denying that the rest of the car is pretty stunning.

Nissan pitch the Juke as a Sport Cross Vehicle that offers urban versatility and fun-to-drive performance. The 1.6-liter direct-injection four-cylinder turbo is estimated to produce 180+ horsepower at 170+ Ib-ft of torque, although again these are just estimates as AutoBlog has been told by Nissan that it still has to go through the EPA.

With manual options for the front-wheel-drive only versions and CVT on the all-wheel-drive torque-vectoring models, the Juke will come in right-hand drive as shown at the show but obviously left-hand drive for the U.S. by time of release in 2011. Hit the link for the full press release.

Give us your opinions on the look of Nissan’s New Juke?

Source: AutoBlog

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  • dean

    I can’t wait to actually drive the Juke. I think this is the crossover I’ve been waiting for. I only hope that it’s average fuel consumption is in the 30+ mpg range.
    Too bad we’re not getting the diesel that will be offered in Europe.