Mitsubishi Outlander: New York Auto Show 2010

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 1, 2010

Mitsubishi unveiled its new 2011 Outlander Sport (or the ASX for Europe) at the New York Auto Show. And with their sales still down from the massive hit they took during the economic collapse of 2009, Mitsubishi needed to bring out something fresh and new.

Aimed at the small crossover market this U.S. spec model is 15 inches shorter than its big brother the Outlander GT. Although they both share magnesium paddle shifters, unlike the GT with Mitsubishi’s dual-clutch gearbox, the Sport is fitted with a CVT linked to its 2.0 liter MIVEC engine.

With a respectable 31 mpg on a motorway run the Outlander Sport should be very competitive. To achieve this Mitsubishi saved weight by fitting plastic front wings, electric power steering and designing a slippery new body. Also the Outlander Sport is able to be used in front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive configurations. Click on the link for more pictures.

Source: AutoBlog

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