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iPhone HD: What would the perfect 4G screen size be?

Much has been discussed about the new Apple iPhone 4G – well HD if you believe the recent WSJ article, which they confirmed was coming. So, a new iPhone is coming not only for AT&T but Verizon as well and there is now one question on out minds – What would the perfect 4G screen size be?

There is a good reason for this; we assume that Apple will be selling the new iPhone based on showing HD quality videos; so having the right screen is imperative. A recent article on Daring Fireball suggests that Apple’s smartphone will come with a 960 × 640 double-resolution display.

Apple has the iPad and the iPhone; they just need to find a screen with the perfect balance for high definition. We recently wrote an article talking about that rumored 960 × 640, and comparing it to screen resolutions on other smartphones on the market.

Have a little think and let us know what you think would be the perfect screen size for the new iPhone HD?



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