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iPad Review Roundup: Apps and iBooks too expensive?

For all those of you planning to pick up a swanky new iPad tablet from Apple this weekend, we have a collection of reviews for you to read, from some of the most well respected sites on the internet.

As reported from BGR, reviews for the iPad come from the likes of the New York Times, PC Magazine, Wall Street Journal, TIME magazine and many more.

The general consensus of the reviews seem to suggest that Apple has got it right with the iPad, delivering a pretty impressive and stylish portable tablet PC to customers.

However, one of the reviews from TIME seems to suggest that the Apps and iBooks are too expensive – which may put some of you off. Don’t forget, it was only yesterday that we told you about ASUS’ plans to release tablets of their own – so there is plenty of variety on the market.

Check out some of the reviews below, head to BGR for full details.

NYTimes – [Read]
PC Mag – [Read]
WSJ – [Read]
TIME – [Read]



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