HTC Incredible: Verizon release date is around the corner

By Alan Ng - Apr 1, 2010

We have an update on the HTC Incredible to give you now, the highly antipated handset that is due to land on Verizon soon. It is good news, as we are hearing reports that Verizon now has the handsets in their stock warehouses.

As reported from Engadget, an image taken from an Verizon inventory has revealed that as many as 156,709 HTC Incredible handsets are in stock and listed as ‘On Order’.

What does ”On Order” mean exactly though? Well, it usually means that a release for the handset is just around the corner. If the phone is now in Verizon’s possession, they must be preparing for a release sometime this month.

It is a shame they have chosen to keep the handset a secret though. Earlier on this week, we posted an article about the Verizon iPhone 4G, asking whether or not you still wanted the HTC Incredible or Nexus One.

It seems like the majority of you are still pumped up for the Incredible. We’ll update you when we know more.

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  • no jokes plz

    Not really sure what a "Dask Detail" is…

  • Jon

    Am I they only one that thinks everyone is seeing this wrong. That photo is from a warehouse inventory system right? I work doing inventory and It just means that the warehouse has ordered them. If you look at on hand it says 0 allocated 0. They have 0 and 0 have been shipped to them yet. Its only been ordered lets not get too excited.

  • B from da Bronx

    "On order" sounds to me like that is how many they have ordered from the manufacturer. In other words this does mean a release is around the corner. Who knows how long it could take for HTC to make the incredible for Verizon. It could be months for all we know. This gives no indication that the handsets are sitting in any warehouse.