Google Topeka: April Fool Pranks

Have you paid a visit to the Google homepage recently, when you do see if you can spot anything different? That’s right, look at where the Google logo once took pride of place – instead there is a logo that says Topeka. There have been reports that the search engine has changed its name to Topeka. This is just the latest in a number of April Fool pranks.

According to Erictric, Google has officially changed its company name – this coincides with the fact that the Kansas City changed its name to Google last month, so it seems that they have switched names. They did this so they earn the right to become a city that can get 1Gbps fiber optic service from Google – oops sorry, Topeka. This is going to take some getting used too.

For those of you who are having trouble believing such a story, well done on you. But there are those who would fall for such a prank, here is a list some of the best Google April Fools Day pranks.

We cannot see the new logo, do you?



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