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Google Chrome: Full Details Regarding Flash Integration

Earlier on this week we posted a couple of articles regarding Google’s plans to integrate Adobe Flash into their popular Chrome web browser, a recent article posted on ComputerWorld explains Google’s plans in more detail.

It has recently been confirmed by both Adobe and Google that Chrome downloads will soon come with Flash as standard, all updates will be hidden from users so that no authentication is needed from the end-user, this ensures that all users are using the most up-to-date and secure version of Chrome.

Apparently Adobe’s recent partnership with Google will further enhance Chrome’s reputation for being a secure web browser, this is because all Flash updates will install automatically when they are released, which means security risks will be patched as soon as Adobe release new securer versions of Flash.

Personally I think Chrome’s update system is great, as a Firefox user I would love Mozilla to adopt some of Google’s plans, would you?

Source: ComputerWorld



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