Facebook email leak claimed

By Peter Chubb - Apr 1, 2010

Tuesday night was not a good time for Facebook users who use the email service, it has been claimed that there was an email leak that exposed addresses of users – the hide function had also been disabled. Facebook told V3 that it was caused by a regular code push.

On Wednesday morning all was working fine again, all addresses were hidden once more. This email issue certainly knocked Facebook for six, but it was users of the social networking site that had the most concerns – with many wondering if Facebook will ever learn form this.

Facebook security is usually good, although they have suffered with a number of phishing scams during this past year. However, CSMonitor states that Facebook do pretty well considering that they have around 400 million users. Scams and leaks are bound to happen every now and again, this is because social networking is so popular.

The only advice we could give is – try not to share too much about yourself on Facebook, Twitter etc. Relying on privacy setting is not a good way of thinking, as we have seen with this latest email leak.

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  • Suzanne Pilcher

    I have used facebook for 5 months for more. I was doing fine until i kept getting friend requests for people who looked like they were from China. Can't remember the name that came up but when I tried to press on "ignore" it wouldn't let me. I couldn't write on my wall or accept any gifts for about 2 days. I finally just gave up and deactivated my account. I like facebook and I enjoyed being on there with all of my family. Unfortunately, there are people out there with bad intentions and I don't want to become a victim of a scam or anything else.