April Fools Deal at PLAY: Modern Warfare 2 over half price

By Alan Ng - Apr 1, 2010

Its not all fun and games today. PLAY.com are holding some major offers on some of the hottest games for today only. Hot games as in Modern Warfare 2 with a staggering 53% off the original price.

This is no joke. If you head to their website here, you’ll be able to view their full collection of deals. On the game side, you’ll be able to pick up MW2 for just £24.99, while there are other amazing deals on the likes of Aliens Vs Predator (£23.99), Mass Effect 2 (£24.99) and Dante’s Inferno (£22.99).

These deals will only last today according to PLAY, so you better purchase online quick before the deal ends. All deals are free delivery too, which is always nice.

That is a crazy deal on MW2 right there – let us know your thoughts on it.

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