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April Fools Day Texts: What message will you send?

April Fools Day may be over for some of us in the world, but for those in the U.S. – the fun has just begun. Each year we love to play pranks on friends and family and not in the traditional way. Thanks to technology more and more people are now turning to April Fools Day jokes and pranks via their cell phones by using SMS.

Phones Review has done some research on this and found a great website called sms4smile. But our favorite has to be theprankmachine, take a look for yourself and you will see what we mean. Some of the pranks will make you laugh even before you have sent them.

Some of them include:

  • You are live on radio!
  • You’ve been selected for a reality show, just answer these (embarrassing) questions.
  • This mobile has been reported stolen and will be cut off in 5 minutes.

These pranks are easy to do; all you need to do is hand over the recipients cell number, make your selection of prank and then listen in on their reaction.

Do you know of any better ones? Have you fallen victim to one?



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