April Fools Day 2010 on Bing: SINA and more top pranks

Today is April 1, which means that it is April Fools Day. We are certain that most websites on the Internet will be playing a few pranks; Google normally offers some of the best. MSN are now trying to get in on the action by using its latest search engine Bing.

If you visit the homepage of Bing, you will notice that there are a bunch of cows on a field. When you hover over some of them you will see white boxes appear. These are links to pranks, some better than others.

First we have a video from years ago where they explained how spaghetti grows on trees. Another is talking about the history of April Fools Day. However, the best one has to be Society for Indecency to Naked Animals, or SINA.

This prank ran from 1959 to 1962 and its sole aim was to put clothes on animals, from household pets to barnyard animals.

Let us know some of your best pranks you have played so far today.



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