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Apple MacBook Air Carry Handle: From QuickerTek

MacBook Air users can now safely carry their laptop around with the release of a specially designed handle for it. Released by QuickerTek Inc, the handle is made from a non-flex aluminum which is nice and light but strong. The handle has a scratch and slip resistant coating and captive screws.

When the laptop is in use the handle is laid out and the bracket raises the MacBook Air for better air circulation so a cooler laptop, this also allows for a nicer angle of the keyboard to prevent tiredness. The handle attaches to the laptop using existing screw holes, and allowing users to carry the laptop safely and securely.

When fixed the handle does not alter the MacBook Air, and can be completely removed without any telltale markings. It is styled to complement the MacBook Air visually in keeping with the stylish looks of Apple products. QuickerTek Carry Handle comes with a one year parts and labor warranty, and is priced at $79.95 on the QuickerTek’s web store.



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