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Apple iPhone 4G Rumors: Display Resolution Will Be 960×640

It seems as if every new flagship handset that is released boasts a more impressive display resolution than its predecessor, therefore analyst Mike Abramsky’s latest iPhone 4G prediction could prove to be spot on.

He believes that when the iPhone 4G is released it will boast a display resolution of 960×640, this is far superior to the iPhone 3GS’s resolution which is just 320×480.

To be honest the clarity of the 3GS’s display is pretty impressive as it is, therefore the quality of video and images on the 4G if it features a resolution of 960×640 would be stunning.

Currently the highest ever resolution we have seen for smartphone has been the LG GW990 and the Sharp AQUOS 941SH’s impressive resolution of 480×1024, however a display with a resolution of 960×640 would actually feature more pixels.

At the moment this is just a rumor, however I think it is certain that the 4G’s resolution will be significantly greater than the 3GS’s, for more details check out the link below.

Source: AppleInsider



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