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Apple iPhone 4G: Expert Predicts Rear Touch Panel and More

Earlier today we posted an article looking at some of an analyst called Maynard J. Um’s CDMA iPhone and iPhone 4G predictions, I recently took a closer look at AppleInsider’s article, this revealed some more pretty substantial predictions regarding the rumored iPhone 4G.

Some of his predictions are more significant then others, the more obvious looking predictions state that he believes the iPhone 4G will feature 64GB of NAND flash storage, a 5 megapixel camera, an AMOLED screen and increased battery life, however the next prediction was something that I have not came across before.

Um believes that Apple’s next-generation iPhone may feature a rear touch panel, this will give the iPhone 4G touch capabilities on both sides, which could perhaps increase hand-held gaming functionality, application intuitiveness and much more.

Other predictions stated that the 4G will be capable of high definition video playback and high definition video capture, to do this the handset’s processing power will have to be superior to the 3GS’s.

Source: AppleInsider



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