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Analyst: Verizon iPhone in 2011, CDMA iPhone 2010, and price

Yesterday there were rumors circulating which apparently ‘confirmed‘ that a company called Pegatron Technology Corp were in the process of manufacturing a CDMA capable iPhone, this iPhone was apparently being put together for a Verizon Wireless release.

Now according to an analyst called Maynard J. Um this is not entirely true, infact he strongly believes that a Verizon launch will not happen this year, however a CDMA version of the iPhone could infact launch with carriers such as China Telecom and KDDI of Japan in 2010.

Maynard also believes that the CDMA iPhone and the iPhone 4G will be priced at between $199 to $299, this will mean that the 3GS will probably be offered for $99 in place of the current iPhone 3G model.

I guess time will tell whether Maynard J. Um’s predictions are at all accurate, to read more information check out the link below.

Source: AppleInsider



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