Xbox Live Arcade: 10 Discounts Available from April 1st – 7th

By Jamie Pert - Mar 31, 2010

We have recently heard that there will be quite a few discounted titles available from the Xbox Live Arcade in early April, from what we can see these offers will be available from April 1st until April 7th.

All of the titles (except one) are half of their usual price during the promotion, the exception is Super Street Fighter II HD, this usually costs 1200 Microsoft Points however will cost just 560 points from tomorrow for a week.

The rest of the games have been reduced from 800 MSP to 400, these games are Age of Booty, Defence Grid, Lumines LIVE, Mad Tracks, Rocket Riot, Schizoid, South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play!, Track & Field and Wallace & Gromit Episode 1.

From what we can see the deals are available for both Gold and Silver Xbox Live members, for further details check out this link.

Which title would you say is the best arcade game out of the games mentioned above?

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    You forgot to mention VIRTUAL ON, the fast paced robot fighting game. Was 1200 pts, now 800 pts only this week. Much better than that other dribble you mentioned. Had it on Sega Saturn. Sweet game.