Xbox 360’s Project Natal: Details Regarding Technology Within

By Jamie Pert - Mar 31, 2010

It has recently been revealed who should really receive the credit for the impressive 3D optical-tracking technology which powers Project Natal, apparently the company behind it is called PrimeSense.

Apparently inside Project Natal is PrimeSense’s PS1080 Soc along with a USB 2.0 controller, all processing takes place within Project Natal rather than relying on the Xbox 360’s CPU.

PrimeSense’s PS1080 SoC apparently analyzes an image which has a resolution of 640×840 at 30fps, also it can track people at a range of 0.8-3.5 metres.

Despite using PrimeSense’s sensors chances are Microsoft’s development team have seriously modified and tweaked all of the technology used within, for more details check out the link below.

Source: SlashGear

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  • This technology will change the way people play a game…its gone be 3d

  • marhorn

    Best thing ever! its gonna blow everything away!