Verizon iPhone 4G: Multitasking will be better on AT&T

By Alan Ng - Mar 31, 2010

Thinking of picking up the iPhone if it lands on Verizon this year? Hold your horses, as one article we’ve found states that it could come with one major setback that has been overlooked.

As reported from OZCarGuide, the CMDA version of the iPhone may be limited in terms of multitasking capabilities, that is set to come with iPhone OS 4.0.

The source states that one of AT&T’s main benefits, is the fact that you can easily surf that web while making a voice call, which is a feature lacking on Verizon’s and Sprint’s network at the moment.

We know that multitasking on the iPhone is a big deal to a lot of you, so would you really want to pick up the Verizon iPhone 4G, knowing that it may be at a disadvantage to the AT&T iPhone 4G?

Give us your thoughts on this.

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  • .:, I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives up to date information .~.

  • Alan,
    Please research what you're talking about. For a while now, Verizon has been advertising that they are going to start deploying and running a 4G LTE network, beginning in late 2010. This will begin in 25 to 30 test markets, which will cover 100 million people. That number (person coverage) will double by 2012, and the 4G market will be available in 100% of Verizon's network by the end of 2013. The 4G LTE network will NOT use CDMA standards; this is a completely new concept. The 3-G and 4-G networks will co-exist; if someone doesn't own a 4G handset, or is in an area that 4G is't available, they will still be able to utilize Verizon's 3G network. The 3G network will still operate from the CDMA network, but there will also be 4G LTE equipment running on the same tower. Please keep in mind that, with 4G LTE, there will be NO MORE rectangular bars on the cellular towers (base stations). This means that you'll see Round Satellites hanging on the steel masts. So, while you may not be able to multitask using a Verizon iPhone at first (with 3G CDMA), you need to rembember that once the 4G LTE is plentiful in your service area, you will be able to multitask and have access to powerful speeds and mindblowing new features that weren't to be dreamed of with 3G.

  • matt

    Alan, what about those of us who can't purchase AT&T service? Getting an iPhone without being able to surf the net while talking on the phone is better than a Blackberry storm without being able to surf the net while talking on the phone. Only CDMA networks work where I live. You can use an AT&T or T-Mobile phone but the service is horrible (roaming) and neither network will allow you to purchase a phone using any address in the county I live in. I don't care which other carrier gets the iPhone, I just need it to work on CDMA networks. I will gladly switch to Sprint if Sprint gets it before Verizon, even though I have been a Verizon customer for 10 years. In fact, if I was the CEO of Sprint I would do anything possible to get the iPhone on my network. They clearly are struggling and this would be Sprint's chance to get back in the game. Give Apple whatever they want and get the iPhone on their network. That being said, I would have switched years ago to AT&T if they would have sold me an iPhone. I tried three times and was denied every time. Further, if I used a friend's address in an area where iPhone did work, I was told my contract would be canceled because my use in a roaming area would be too high. Apple, please get the CDMA iPhone done and done before the end of the year!! My Blackberry Storm is killing me with glitches!

  • aug0211

    Furthermore, not many people think of multitasking PURELY as doing something while you're on the phone – multitasking, to most users, includes running multiple 3rd party apps at once, without having to close them to cycle between them. This has nothing to do with the network capabilities on Verizon or Sprint.

    Do you hear BlackBerry users complaining about lack of multitasking? No – because most people don't really give a d*mn if their email comes in while they're talking on the phone – what they care about is true multitasking – that is, sharing CP//memory with different applications, all running on scheduled CPU clock cycles "simultaneously".

    Your article could be VERY misleading, to the "average Joe" who would quite likely read your article and think that the VZW iPhone will still not support multitasking.

    The VZW iPhone WILL support multitasking (assuming it IS delivered in 4G). It simply won't get your emails while you're on the phone. Once you hang up, your messages will come right through.

    Things will operate pretty much the same as if you were on a BB – except that you're limited (currently) on the iPhone to how much push email support there is.

    • Annie

      Do you know if I would be able to write a txt message while on the phone? I can do this with my BB now and it's a feature I would not like to loose.


  • Larry

    stop posting bullshit reports..this is just an exact copy from another website