Splinter Cell: Conviction – PS3 release listed by Ubisoft engineer

By Alan Ng - Mar 31, 2010

Who said that the PS3 rumors about Splinter Cell: Conviction were dead? The latest news is that a lead software engineer at Ubisoft has listed the game for release on PS3 on his LinkedIn profile.

As reported from Playstation Lifestyle, this is just the latest news following months of ongoing speculation surrounding a PS3 release for the game.

Ubisoft’s Marc Demers was the unlucky chap to reveal the details, although he has since removed the PS3 listing from his profile. Thanks to PS Lifestyle though, we can show you what it originally displayed below.

At the moment, SC: Conviction is scheduled to release for Xbox 360 and PC only, on April 16th in the UK. Do you think the game is just under timed exclusivity by Microsoft?

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  • Fox

    what the hell's wrong with this people ? I mean come on XBOX is freakin gay Dude nobody even play with that shit anymore….its not even a competition with the PS3 it would even stand a chance….Guy was right they should convert XBOX into flying EGGS!!!!!!!!

  • bill

    i want god of war 3 and colectors edition but i also want a 360 4 left 4 dead 1 and 2 i need help deciding and i can only afford 1 of the 2 choices ???

  • bill

    i want gud of war 3 but i also want a 360 only for left 4 dead 1 and 2 wat should i do

  • Riley

    lolz look at Modern Warfare 2…. M$ is paying IW (Infinity Ward) for a month exclusive….

  • joe

    i can play on any of these systems so beat dat…xbox 360, 2 ps3s, a wii, 2 psps, nintendo 64, ps2, ps1, super nes, sega saturn, dreamcast, atari lynx and 2 pcs…so i got no worries wen it comes to games…i can play the best of all worlds latest and retro…stop being haters just play it for wat it is a "game"…enjoy it…it is afterall entertainment…

  • brandon

    360 sucks ass !!!

  • john

    sort the problem out get an xbox and a ps3……. best of both worlds

  • DarDar

    Owned a 360, thought it was the greatest thing ever! Started freezing after only 6 weeks, crashing, you name it. Switched it in for a PS3, haven't looked back since. X Box is proof that you really can polish a turd

  • The Smiler

    Wasn't Bioshock an exclusive as well?
    Didn't microsoft pay "Big Bucks" for it to stay on the 360?
    Conviction will be on PS3 sooner then you think.
    PS3> 360

  • Jimbo

    This ticks me off! I wanted to play this game so bad. Well I'm never trading in my ps3 for one game so f!@# you ubisoft, you just lost a customer. I rather God of war 3, uncharted 2, and gran turismo 5 any day. Congradulations microsoft for finally getting a good exclusive. Something worth playing unlike halo and gears of war.

  • Frank

    I think it's BS! tht its not coming out on ps3 if thts the case. If it does come out then y the hell would it come out ltr? Ubisoft may not lose any money but i could make a hell of a lot more money. I dont like playing my 360 since i got my amazing PS3 cause it has waaayyy better graphics than the 360, so it better come out on the PS3!

  • Nilz

    If it doesnt come out on the PS3 then I think im going to ditch it and buy an XBOX 360 and use the PS3 as a glorified Blu-Ray player as thats all it deserves at the moment…

    • Dr. Duck

      You may want to look into maybe getting God of War 3 or Uncharted 2 while you wait for further info. You could also spend some time playing MAG, Metal Gear Solid, White Knight, LBP, or maybe even the Final Fantasy 13 beta. Regardless you may want to play some of the games rather than just watch blue ray on it. Heck, download some Divx Movies or even meet some people on PS Home. Don’t just watch Blue Ray movies.

  • ben

    i think it will come out on ps3 because they said that i will come out on xbox 360 and pc but it doesnt mean that it is not coming on ps3 it just means later.

  • Thomas Madden

    AS a PS3 owner I believe that Ubisoft has made a big mistake by not bringing Splinter Cell Conviction PS3 they gonna lose a lot of money . IF the info that has been discovered is true,,, then they should just say so…PS3 owners like myself have all the Splinter Cells games that have come out on the PS2 and PS3… would like to keep playing as Sam Fisher!!!!!

    • EnvY Original

      NAY, Ubisoft will not be losing any money with this deal. Microsoft payed big bucks for them to make this an exclusive, and according to what the hype is so far. Conviction is going to sell and Ubisoft will be rolling in money.

    • mads

      don't worry, I guess that it will come out for ps3. Look at Gta TLAD and TBOGT. That was also exlusive for xbox, but now u can buy it to ur ps3. So we will just have i later, and it is a create game. So we can wait for it 🙂

  • myguest

    hahaha pour guy, he mistakenly copy pasted is avatar info and didnt remove the ps3 thing! its funny how people jump on 1 person mistake!

  • BOB

    ha u ps3 noobs probaly wont get splinta cell coviction X-BOX 360 FOR THE WIN

    • jones

      lmao go smash ur xbox with a sledge faggot

    • The Voice of Reason

      hey bob, can i borrow your xbox 360, i need to fry an egg.

      • walter

        haha that was funny. xbox sux i had to send it in18 times. i bought a ps3 and got to send in my xbox for a 19th time. so ya xbox wins for pissing people off

    • Stuart

      HAH jokes on u fag its coming out Best case July 6 2010
      Average aug 20 2010
      worst case some time in september

    • cesar

      hey we the ps3 owners have some bad ass games like inFAMOUS 1 AND 2. LITTLE BIG PLANET1 AND 2,
      GOD OF WAR 1 2 3,
      UNCHARTED 1 AND 2 AND 3,
      and many others,besides acording to statistics 23.7 of all x boxs mess up! u know what bob we lost a good game but we have countless game exclusives! we dont pay to play online, we have blueray, we have a COOLING SYSTEM in the ps3 microsoft had to make a new one to catch up to the ps3

      x box = epic fail
      notice the price ps3 is 300 x box is 200 big DIFFRENCE ,,,,,,, lets agree the ps3 is a game system and the x box is good as a heater