New Verizon iPhone: Apple’s battle with Google Android

By Alan Ng - Mar 31, 2010

Following on from the news this week about Apple’s alleged plans to release a CDMA-compatible iPhone on Verizon, one analyst believes that the move is all down to one reason – Google’s Android platform.

As reported from Apple Insider, analyst Shaw Wu with Kaufman Bros believes that Android is the silent factor which is pushing Apple closer to a deal with Verizon.

He mentioned recent figures about Google gaining more ground in the smartphone market, stating that by moving to Verizon – Apple would be able to take on Google head-to-head.

It seems pretty logical to us. Future premium smartphones such as the HTC EVO 4G, HTC Incredible and Nexus One (Verizon) all run the Android operating system, so Apple may look to go on the counter-attack with their Verizon iPhone.

What are your thoughts on this? Full report over at Apple Insider.

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  • Irv Gotti

    I started to agree with Mack but then I thought, Verizon DID hit us with the Droid and the Eris..not one but two Android phones. This biz is like any high end electronic biz…anything new is hot now but in a month its old news. The first mistake that I almost fell into is buyin' into the rumor mill and holdin' verizon accountable. The people that should be held accountable (basically stomped out) are the clowns with these so called reliable sources that start the rumors. My contract is up so I'm just gonna fall back and weigh my options … when the phone I want drops, I'll go in… *shrug* .

  • Mack

    "alleged plans"…rumors….that's all that Verizon has. There is no Nexus One or Incredible on Verizon. Period.