Line 2 iPhone App: VoIP launch continues to be troubled

By Gary Johnson - Mar 31, 2010

Recently PC World has reported troubles with the Line 2 VoIP iPhone app, which include a denial-of-service attack on Friday. This was reported on the parent company Toktumi’s Twitter blog. The app was then pulled from the App Store.

On Sunday it was reported in the New York Times, that the problem was an auto-signup bot registering fake accounts as fast as it could. Toktumi brought out a workaround but that is now out of date. The apps company said they pulled it so new users wouldn’t get a bad experience.

The app has returned to the App Store, but when users go through the signup process, they get a message saying that any new memberships are on hold, and they will get an e-mail when the situation changes. Has anyone had any trouble with the Line 2 VoIP iPhone app? For the full story please go to the PC World website.

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