Ford and Microsoft in electric vehicle partnership

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 31, 2010

Ford has a vision to help future Ford electric vehicle (EV) owners recharge more effectively and affordably through their partnership with Microsoft. The Plan is free Hohm energy management for your garage.

Hohm allows the home owner to control energy usage, it will provide you with an automated system that will be able to communicate via a Smartphone to give information and update settings. For instance say you were at work and needed to switch an electrical item off at home, Hohm can do that for you. The system could also integrate MyFord Touch and Sync technologies so you’re EV can tell you that it would like to be recharged during off peak hours.

According to Ford’s press release it plans to introduce five new electric vehicles by 2013, these will include the Transit Connect Electric due later this year, a Focus Electric (said to be the first to use Hohm) sometime in 2011, two next-generation hybrids and a plug-in hybrid for 2012, to join the current Ford and Mercury hybrids already available.

Check out the link for the full story and to see Fords press release.

Source: AutoBlog

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