E3 2010: New fighting game from THQ

By Jamie Pert - Mar 31, 2010

A recent article posted on EuroGamer suggests that THQ are planning to reveal a new fighting game from a “major developer”, this game will apparently be revealed at E3 2010.

Details are extremely scarce at the moment, however a few quotes from THQ’s Danny Bilson suggests that the new addition will feature it’s fair share of melee combat, below is a quote of what he said to CVG.

“The fighting group is actually taking on the management of another game that we’re going to announce at E3 that has a certain amount of melee combat in it but it’s… we’ll announce it at E3”, he also added “It’s a major developer and you’ll get exactly what I’m talking about when I’m able to talk about it.

Speculation is pointing towards a possible release of Mortal Kombat 9, apparently this game is under development, therefore it seems to fit in perfectly with Danny Bilson’s statement.

What game do you think it will be?

Source: EuroGamer

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