April Fools Day 2010: What will Google do?

By Peter Chubb - Mar 31, 2010

With April Fools days just a few hours away, we wait to see what the Internet – more importantly Google has in-store for us. Each year the search engine giant plays a prank us on – we wonder how they will better themselves this year. In 2009 they gave us CADIE, or Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity, which was an artificial intelligence.

CADIE was able to analyze trends in social networks and then create its own blog. Even talking about it now makes you wonder how people believed it. Who would have thought that Google has been playing jokes on people since 2000, which was when they introduced the Mentalplex, this was a new search result that could read our mind.

The best joke happened in 2007 – TiSP – Toilet Interent Service Provider. This new service would give us all free wireless Internet, which required people to flush the cables down the toilet. Once down the drains, they would all meet up and communicate with each other.

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What will Google do in 2010?

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  • Claire

    what about the animal translator that is on the google front page?

  • Chris

    Actually, they have the Animal translate idea 🙂 pretty funny

  • Anon

    Google hasn't done ANYTHING this april fool's day…

    • Anon

      seen youtube? google owns youtube remember

    • anon

      check their search page. Topeka! What a bunch of marooons!

    • corb
    • Sincere

      Yes they did They "changed" the Google name to TOPEKA. Haha I totally fell for it Lol!

  • jeandiata

    And the TisP help forum is STILL active – several people a week ask how they can get it. It definitely is Google's best one to date!