Apple iPad: UK Release date leaked online

By Alan Ng - Mar 31, 2010

For all of you planning to pick up the Apple iPad in the UK, you better make a note of this, as we have a rumored release date which has been leaked online by various sources.

According to this article from Pocket-Lint, the Apple iPad could be available in the UK on April 24th. The date has surfaced from UberGizmo, who claims that Apple staff in Europe are not allowed to take holiday on that date – even though it is a Saturday.

This backs up reports from Apple themselves that they plan to have the iPad available in the UK by the end of April – so it is looking quite promising we have to say.

What are your thoughts on the April 24th date – do you have one on pre-order already?

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  • JIM apple

    Pre order ¬_¬ …… apple stores dont let you pre order yet.

  • Arslan

    April 24th 🙁
    My birthday is on April 22nd n i’ve told every one to chip in and get me an ipad

  • Paul

    Yes, I have one on pre-order, although what the supplier's (Square) shipping quota might be, I don't know. The silence from Apple is none too impressive. Still, there's chocolate meanwhile..;)