Alan Wake: The real reason its not on PC

By Alan Ng - Mar 31, 2010

Remedy, developers for upcoming and ‘now’ exclusive Xbox 360 title Alan Wake, has given us a frank explanation on why development on the PC game was axed. PC owners look away now.

As reported from VG247, Remedy were speaking in an interview with Digital Spy, revealing that the studio is only comprised of 50 members.

As a result of this, they prefered to just focus on one platform, and obviously decided that the Xbox 360 would be the better option.

Due out this May, Remedy also reiterated the fact that the team currently has no plans for a PC release. Let us know your thoughts on this. A 50-strong studio seems incredibly small compared to other teams.

Dont forget about the new screenshots we told you about earlier.

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  • Bill Schmalle

    I think they don’t want to deal with the inevitable problems associated with making the game work on different PC systems.

  • Adam

    I would wager that if Alan Wake does well enough, when the inevitable sequal comes out the team will be large enough to release Alan Wake 2 on PC as well and they will go back and port the first one.
    Probably too little too late, but I imagine that would be the plan.

  • zan

    Emulators are great!

  • i hope so some how…there is a way to get these best game as PC version…

  • Hagenaar

    My thoughts about that?
    I definately would have bought Alan Wake for PC but will never buy any console so..I wont play Alan Wake. Too bad!