Verizon iPhone not a problem for Blackberry maker RIM

By Peter Chubb - Mar 30, 2010

BlackBerry maker RIM is not too worried that Apple is developing a Verizon iPhone, as they believe that they will still command the largest smartphone market share. However, Research In Motion has to be a little worried, as they will come under attack from two new iPhone models and a constant barrage of new Android handsets.

Since the news of a Verizon iPhone by WSJ yesterday, RIMM shares has fallen by 1.3 percent today – a sign that BlackBerry handsets could suffer as a result. However, according to a CNN Money report, analysts still believe that both RIM and Apple can still increase their market share.

BlackBerry has always catered for enterprise customers, whereas the iPhone is more for those into multimedia – both different markets with huge growth. However, RIM has tried on a number of occasion to enter the consumer market, this has not worked out well for them – Strom and Strom2 are fine examples of this.

To summarize, the iPhone is the best selling smartphone, but Apple only commands a 25 percent share of that market, with RIM having a 43 percent share. RIM has seen a faster rate of growth, but there are more BlackBerry handsets than iPhone, so Apple is not doing as bad as RIM would like you to think.

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