Verizon iPhone 4G News: Apple’s share price surges

By Peter Chubb - Mar 30, 2010

When it comes to the power of the media- never underestimate it. Since WSJ wrote an article yesterday that Apple were developing a new iPhone for Verizon, Apple’s share price surged. There have been so many rumors on a Verizon iPhone that we started to think that it would never happen, but our recent article proves otherwise.

Now that Wall Street Journal has run this story, people will now take any new rumor more seriously. Apple shares closed at $232.39, an increase of 2.75% – an all time high. Not much was known about the Verizon iPhone last night, but more details have now been made available.

So we know that the new iPhone model will be CDMA, they will not be going for a 4G LTE version in 2010 – Verizon is still working on upgrading its network. We also know that ASUSTeK Computer Inc will manufacture the handset.

Fortune Brainstorm Tech suggests that mass production of the Verizon iPhone will begin in September – but news on that is still developing. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

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  • This is how a real CEO answers — No direct answers, all implications and confusion is their game.

    I guess it's so hard to answer a simple "Yes or No" when asked, "Would you choose a different carrier aside from AT&T on 2011?" … Again, that Verizon iPhone 4G, seems to be on the dim light, once again.